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Thanksgiving Writing Prompts for Children

Children have wonderfully creative ideas, especially when it comes to the holidays. Why not give them a fun writing prompt (located below) and let their imagination run wild? 


1. Thanksgiving Dinner is right around the corner, and your child gets to invite one more person. Who would they invite, and why? 


2. Thanksgiving Dinner is on the table, but wait, that's odd...there is a dish that doesn't quite belong there. What dish wouldn't your child want to see, and why? 


3. What is your child most thankful for? 

    This would be a great question to ask before Thanksgiving Dinner!


And guess what? 


Crickhollow Books is holding a 50-word writing contest to celebrate their 5-year anniversary! The contest's theme is "Thanksgiving," and the deadline is November 16th. For more details, please visit: http://www.crickhollowbooks.com/50-word-story-on-thanksgiving/


Happy Writing, and Happy Thanksgiving!